Dear all stakeholders,

The Foundation for Broadcast Culture was established in accordance with "The Foundation for Broadcast Culture" Act in December 1988.
As a supervisory body and major shareholder of Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), we are committed to managing MBC to make it as a trusted public broadcaster, and also endeavor to promote the broadcasting in Korea.

Globally, development of digital technology has dramatically changed the environment of media and broadcasting channels. Moreover, accelerated integration of broadcasting and communication has ushered in a new era of "media big bang," As a result, domestic terrestrial television stations at the forefront of Korean broadcasting industry are required to keep pace with such significant changes.

MBC, which continues to provide viewers with useful information and fun to watch at home and abroad, should follow the new trend, and to become a trusted and loved MBC by all people is a way forward to go by producing higher quality and more informative programs.

We will do our best to enable MBC to take a lead in the media big bang era by keeping up with these changes and to make a leap forward in advancing to a comprehensive media group.

I would like to ask for your unwavering affection and support to FBC as well as MBC.

Thank you very much.
Moon-Hwan, Kim
The Foundation for Broadcast Culture